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living fully without barriers, burdens or regrets?

Meet Penny....

Penny Eccleston is a Professional Life Coach, Wellness Coach and Mentor, specialising in Emotional Resilience with a passion is helping others breakthrough emotional barriers, empowering her clients to gain clarity & confidence to move in a forward direction achieving desired goals. 

Penny’s also an advocate for Suicide Prevention including working on Lived Experience Co-Design Projects and Executive Steering Groups. She is a Roses in The Ocean Lived Experienced Representative, Lifeline Australia Crisis Supporter and active in Community Recovery Services.

By facing her own personal challenges, conducting independent research and working closely with clients, Penny has a deep understanding of issues and struggles many of us experience. 

She incorporates her knowledge and skills of Health & Wellness in addition to 30 years’ experience in business inspiring others to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Penny assists people who feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed, identify and manage their situation to lead a more fulfilled, well-balanced life.

A proud mother of three and invested in her own health and well-being as her priority, Penny authentically lives and breaths her motto ‘creating the life you desire’.

 Penny is dedicated to the notion all people can live happier and healthier lives and it’s through her holistic coaching approach she produces extraordinary results encouraging her clients to attain clarity, explore pathways and focus on new opportunities for personal growth. 

Motivated to nurture and empower, Penny has developed strategies which equip clients with effective tools and techniques to support the development of a positive mindset and rejuvenated outlook on life. 

Her clients learn to identify and understand challenges, discover alternative solutions, change lifestyle patterns – that have a negative effect on health and well-being. 

Want to create a sense of inner calm and enhanced well-being?

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Feeling overwhelmed?
Lost your zest for life?

Maybe your day to day stress is causing you anxiety, preventing you from thinking clearly

Feeling overwhelmed means something completely different to everyone and can have unpredictable effects emotionally, physically, mentally and/or spiritually.

You may experience feelings of fatigue, exhaustion, tension headaches, irritability, even suffer from stomach upsets, anxiety or panic attacks and in some cases depression

Your job, business or home, the kid’s activities, finances, a tendency to over commit or a major stressful life event – may all be contributing factors.


Coaching in....

  • Life Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Emotional Wellness Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Lived Experience Personal Story Presentation
  • Workshop Facilitator - Suicide Prevention

Working with....

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Online via ZOOM (in Person - on request only)

Penny is my secret weapon! She is the perfect all rounder coach who can expertly guide me through issues with family, work and self-worth. I was apprehensive to get a wellness coach as I thought it might be too “woo woo”, but Penny is a wonderful teacher with a voice of reason and common sense approach. While I felt vulnerable at times discovering parts of myself that I didn’t know existed, Penny helped me see the world from a different perspective. I’ve learnt that change isn’t just something you decide to do, but something you work on and I will be harnessing Penny’s superpowers to help me again in future. Her packages are really helpful because you have a deadline to work towards making small incremental changes each week. I found that be be incredibly valuable.
Thank you Penny for reminding me who I am! Jess

Jessica Turnbull
Sydney, New South Wales

” Penny was terrific in driving me in the right direction with asking good questions
with a positive approach.
If I hadn’t had this coaching session with Penny I might of chosen the wrong course
and it would of cost a lot of money and time. So thanks heaps Penny
I would really like to recommend you to others.” Jill 

Jill Wallace
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

“After participating in Penny’s workshop I now feel more equipped to deal with feelings of overwhelm. I have tools and strategies ready to help get me through the tough days. Thanks so much Penny.”

Leanne Garbutt
Melbourne, Victoria

“Without Penny’s coaching, guidance and support I would not have been able to get through the tough place I was in and now have an enhanced quality of life that I was desperately looking for. I am now living a life I had always desired and am honestly GLOWING, RADIATING & FEELING FRESH!”

Dannielle Bryce
Adelaide, South Australia

“Penny delivered me with an invaluable opportunity to diligently and strategically focus, explore fundamental aspects of myself, personally and professionally, enabling me to identify roadblocks and implement change and progression to both my beliefs and habitual practices.”

Damien Steele
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

“I have found my life coaching very beneficial to help me grow as a person and have more self belief! I am learning that you cannot make everyone happy and that I am only responsible for myself which I have always found hard to do in the past. I feel a lot more at peace within myself and have learnt some very helpful strategies to cope going forward. Thank you for your insight into my journey and your help steering me into a new realm of thoughts and possibilities!! I am me, like me or lump me and I am a very loving person who gives my all, if you don’t like that then I can’t change that!! Thanks Penny you have helped me immensely” 

Narelle Hinschen
Mackay, Queensland

“Your support over the past 3 months inspired me to take action, make permanent changes and transformed me to an entirely new level. I’m forever indebted to you Penny.”

Sharon K
Noosa, Queensland

“I recommend Penny…as Penny did help me and I have no hesitation.”

Nirmal Sahncy
Sydney, New South Wales

“I had made so many goals around my health & well-being over my lifetime.  This was the first time in 40 yrs that its been able to stick.  Penny gave me an amazing experience to self-reflect, to gain clarity and understanding on the meaning behind why wellness was so important to me. ” 

Louise Bryce
Adelaide, South Australia


1-1 Lazar Session
(1 Hour)

Do you feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed?
Identify and manage your situation with clarity
and confidence to move in the direction of your choice.

  • 1 HOUR of personalised 1-1 Coaching will create an awareness around a specific area in your life, and discover where change is possible.
  • $159 (value $210)​
  • Includes BONUS - 30mins 'About You & 7 Steps' reviews
  • + 30min 'Post Check-in Call'.

Breakthrough Session
(2 Hours)

Need some changes fast?

From burnout to breakthrough you'll quickly uncover
the key to what's holding you back and create
strategies to reduce overwhelm in your life.

  • Identify your main focus and prioritise a realistic action plan to help you fast-track to an optimal outcome.
  • 2 HOURS of personalised 1-1 Coaching to target a specific area in your life.
  • $319 (value $420)​
  • Includes BONUS - 45mins 'About You & 7 Steps' reviews
  • + 30min 'Post Check-in Call'.

Emotional Wellness Workshop
(1 Hour up to 6 pax)

Do you have a group or team of people who
could benefit from strategies to improve
their well-being and reduce day to day overwhelm?

  • This unique interactive coaching Workshop allows opportunity
  • to become familiar with '7 Steps to Emotional Resilience &
  • Wellness' tools and techniques for personal growth and self-reflection.
  • $497 (value $630)​
  • Includes BONUS - 20min 'Post Check-in Call' per attendee.

Gateway for Growth
(6 Weeks)


Is there a specific area of your life
that's out of balance and needs attention?

If you want to create a longer term change
this is the ideal fit for you.

  • Create self-awareness and clarity, unlocking your full potential to achieve personal success and growth.
  • 6 WEEKS of Personalised 1-1 coaching will have a meaningful start towards developing positive change in your life.
  • $897 (value $1120)​
  • Includes BONUS - 2 HOURS combination of 'About You & 7 Steps ' reviews + 'Post Check-in Calls'.

Truly Transformational
(3 Months)

Are you in need of bit more of an overhaul in transforming
your well-being and wellness to create sustainable long-term
changes that will truly impact your life on a whole new level?

Then this is perfect for you!

  • My specially designed 3 MONTH option will create opportunities, expose what’s been holding you back and find ways to assist you moving forwards in creating the life you desire.
  • Experience a new level of achievement as you build on and anchor your successes and achieve personal transformation.
  • Dedicated personalised 1-1 Coaching will support you every step of the way as you explore to gain clarity.
  • $1397 (value $1680)
  • Includes BONUS - 3 HOURS combination of 'About You & 7 Steps' reviews + 'Post Check-in Calls'.

Want to create a sense of inner calm and enhanced well-being?

     DISCOVER how to broaden and enrich a healthy                  relationship between mind, body and spirit. CLICK for FREE. 


Ready to step into the best version of you? ​

Coaching is a journey and often an exciting adventure to achieve the desired outcomes you’re searching for. Penny offers personalised thought-provoking coaching designed to give her clients time to integrate learning, implement action plans and achieve desired goals for optimal results.  

If this speaks to you and if you’re looking for dedicated support in ‘Creating the life you desire …’ You can connect with Penny for a FREE ‘Discovery Call’ or ‘LEARN MORE’ about Coaching Session Options.